It does not matter what style of beard you would like to wear. It could be a goatee, a chin patch, a chevron, a chin strip or even a 2-feet full beard. No matter how you would want to be seen with a patch of hair on your face, you will always need the best electric shaver for beard to make sure that you will be able to carry yourself confidently with that facial hair on.

Electric Shaver for Beard

Why Do Most Men like to Wear a Beard?

A beard (or facial hair if you would rather call it) is more than just a face covering that protects your face from dust. It is also more than just an additional layer of protection that can keep the cold off your skin and lips and keep them from chapping or drying.

For most men, having some facial hair means more of a form or recognition. Studies have shown that those who wear a mustache or any other facial hair are considered to be more authoritative, assertive, more convincing, more attractive, and many more appealing characteristics that others may associate for having any form of facial hair.

How You Can Manage Your Facial Hair Without Going to a Barber

Any facial hair should be managed well no matter what the length and style it may have. You can not just let it grow and still be confident that it will maintain its appeal as it adds length and more hair strands start to appear on your face.

You will need to have the right tools and stick to a good grooming routine to ensure that your beard (or any form of facial hair) will remain quite appealing. One of the tools that will help you do just that is a beard mustache trimmer. But as to which will be the best trimmer that you can go with, it will depend on several factors, such as follows:

The Purpose of Shaving

One of the factors that will help you decide which beard shaver you will go with, is your purpose for shaving. This will require you to decide whether to have foil shaver or a rotary shaver. A foil shaver is best suited for those who would rather have a shorter patch of hair on their faces, like a goatee or a chin strip, since this type of shaver comes with a metal foil that protects the skin from having direct contact with it.

If you would rather have a longer or a full beard, then a rotary shaver is your best bet. Rotary shavers come with round blades that spin, hence its name. They also have slotted guard that is located on top of these blades, which help to lift the hairs off the skin making it easier to cut the hairs. The heads of the rotary shaver usually bend in multiple directions. This functionality makes it easier to have a close shave as it makes it easier for the blades of the rotary to follow the contours of your face.

Power Source

Your choice for the most suitable shaver for beard will also depend on the mobility that the unit that you prefer will provide. When referring to the power source of a shaver, there are three different options that you may choose from the battery-operated, plug-in charging unit, or a corded beard shaver.

If you require longer time to prune or even just neaten your facial hair, a plug-in charging unit will work best for you. Just make sure that the shaver is fully charged before using it. This is to ensure that you will not run out of power while you are still using it.

Wet or Dry Beard Shaver

You need to soak the area to be shaved in warm water, apply some foam and gel on the area that you need to shave, then run the razor on it with a wet shaver. Dry shaving, on the other hand, can be used without water or shaving gels. Wet shavers are commonly used by those with more sensitive skin and by those who require quicker shaving.

Ergonomics of the Electric Shaver

The design of the shaver will determine how easy it is for you to use the shaver. Compare several units before picking the one to go with.

Ease of Cleaning

You will also need to determine how the unit should be cleaned when choosing the best beard shaver. Some shavers can be washed under the tap, others are made not to be washable.

In general, choosing the trimmer to buy will basically depend on your personal preference. You can also use this guide to find one that will best suit your needs, however. You may also check this page for some of the best trimmers you may consider.