The active nature of hedgehogs always increases the demand for playing items. In the wild, hedgehogs can travel up to 3 miles in search of food which means that keeping them in a cage requires you to provide a space with easy mobility. However, when the food and water are always available, hedgehogs tend to involve themselves in various games that keep them physically and emotionally fit. Thus it is necessary to look for hedgehog toy that can keep the animal busy and comfortable. This article will provide all the necessary info about hedgehog toys.

It has been discovered that the best sites for the hedgehogs to sleep and hide in the wild are the dark places or burrows. When you have a hedgehog as a pet, you must ensure that you provide such places in the cage to make your pet feel secure and comfortable. If this is impossible, you should make sure that your pet has access to comfortable and warm places that make it feel free and secure when sleeping. When creating such a hideout, it would be necessary to consider building an entrance and exit tunnel that allows free entrance and exit of the animal. Moreover, space should allow your animal to easily turn around because this is a very usual activity for these animals especially when the spot they are in feels tight and uncomfortable.


Moe comfort can be derived from the existence of comfy sleeping bags. Providing multiple bags keeps the animals tidy and healthy since more often than not, these animals tend to make themselves dirty hence creating the need for more than one sleeping options. Another essence of multiple sleeping bags is that if you keep the animal dirty, it may create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Environmental exploration is one of the key characteristics of a hedgehog. These animals love to walk around as they look for habitable environments with sufficient food and enough security for their survival. Unfortunately, when you have a hedgehog for a pet, you will always realize that they keep on visiting places where they are not supposed to go. They love it when under appliances or furniture. To avoid this, you can acquire a toy for the hedgehog. Finding a toy like a critter exercise ball would be very necessary since this keeps them in control and confines them to the places they are supposed to be in all the time. Introducing an exercise ball to the hedgehog is not easy but propping it into the cage is the initial step to get the pet to be used to the ball. Once it gets too used to a more stationary ball, introducing a rolling one would not be a problem.

Hedgehogs have a great resemblance with small children where they tend to makes use of various household items as toys. Therefore, it is very necessary to thoroughly inspect the items that the hedgehog is playing with in order to locate those with sharp edges as well as the ones with detachable edges that may harm your pet. Bright colours seem to attract hedgehogs by a large extent just like kids. However, some of the hedgehogs may not be attracted to colours whatsoever.

There are other popular best toys for hedgehogs  which may include toilet paper tubes, minute plastic balls, stuffed animals, cars and trucks and leather and rawhide. Unlike most of the other items, toilet paper tubes are easy to find. Some of the hedgehogs may find fun in sticking their head down the tubes. If you are using the tubes as toys, make sure that you cut them short to allow easy removal. Moreover, these animals are very attracted when playing with tiny plastic balls especially when they have bells on the inside. Ensure that the balls cannot be easily chewed and that they are not sturdy. At times, pet hedgehogs may be attracted to stuffed animals like dogs and cats while at times they may not. Ensure that the stuffed animal is clean and that it is of the same size as the pet. If it enjoys pushing around toy cars, makes sure that the car has no sharp or detachable edges. Old shoes are attractive sites for hedgehogs. Ensure that the shoes left behind cannot be chewed by the animal.

Just like children, hedgehogs have a taste for toys. Providing these toy is one of the best things that you can do to keep them comfortable and healthy. However, you should ensure that the toys that the animal plays with are not susceptible to bacterial growth, have no detachable or sharp edges and that they cannot easily be chewed in order to keep the animal secure.